Friday, 4 April 2014

Reminder: Walthamstow Shogi Tournament will be on 12 April 2014

As announced in March, a one day shogi tournament is being held in Walthamstow,  East London on Saturday 12th April.

The venue is the Welcome Centre, 8 Church End, Walthamstow, E17 9RJ. More information on getting to the venue will be added in the comments below.

We have 10 confirmed players and some other players may be able to attend. If you would like to enter but have not already contacted us, please email Steven Cain, webmaster at Shogi London.

There will be an entry fee of £10 payable at the venue. There will be no cash prize but there may be book prizes or other goodies.

We hope to play 5 or more rounds between 1000 and 1800, with all players playing in each round. The time limits will be 20 minutes plus 40 seconds byoyomi.


  1. Arriving by London Underground
    Probably the easiest way to get to the tournament.
    The nearest station is Walthamstow Central on the Victoria Line.
    A map of the walking route to the Welcome Centre is available here.

    When you go through the exit barriers from Walthamstow Underground you will see stairs leading up to the northbound platform of the overground railway station. Go up these stairs. Do not turn left to take the underpass to the bus station, and do not turn right to go toward the southbound overground railway platform.

    At the top of the stairs turn left to exit from the platform. After going through the exit, turn right to go up a ramp to the street. Walk along until you get to a pelican crossing at the junction of Selborne Road and Hoe Street, opposite a pub named The Goose.

    Cross the road towards The Goose, then take the two-stage pelican crossing, going towards Strettons, a big building on the corner of Hoe Street and St Mary Road. Follow the steps or the cycle path onto St Mary Road.

    Follow St Mary Road until it ends. There is a narrow path (Church Path) on the right hand side. Follow this path and, passing some almshouses on your left, emerge onto Church End. The driveway into the Welcome Centre is on your left.

  2. Arriving by overground railway (Liverpool Street to Chingford line)
    The nearest station is Walthamstow Central.
    If you arrive on the northbound platform, follow the last three paragraphs in the previous comment.
    If you arrive on the southbound platform, take the underpass to the northbound platform. If for some reason the underpass is closed, go out of the station, turn left and go to Hoe Street. Then turn left and follow Hoe Street until you reach a pelican crossing opposite a pub named The Goose. Then follow the last two paragraphs of instructions in the previous comment.

  3. Arriving by bus
    Make sure the bus goes to Walthamstow Central.
    The bus will either stop outside the railway station or in the bus station.
    If it stops outside the railway station you walk to the pelican crossing opposite The Goose then follow the London Underground instructions.
    If it stops in the bus station, walk towards the railway station, but do not cross the road. Instead, turn left and walk along until you reach The Goose then follow the London Underground instructions.

  4. Arriving by car
    The most important thing to know is that the Welcome Centre is in a one way system. It can only be approached from Church Lane or from Orford Road. Some route mappers will suggest you use Vestry Road, but this is not allowed.
    It's probably easier to go via Shernhall Street and Church Lane. If you decide to use Orford Road, you need to know that you cannot turn right onto Orford Road when travelling north on Hoe Street. You need to turn one street later on to Third Avenue, which leads into Orford Road.
    There are several parking spaces at the Welcome Centre but they may be taken by other visitors. If you need to park on the nearby streets you will probably need to ask Steven Cain to give you parking vouchers.