Thursday, 22 February 2018

Chingford Shogi Tournament on 21 April 2018

Waltham Forest Shogi is pleased to announce that there will be another tournament in Chingford, London. The tournament will be held on Saturday 21 April 2018.

Entries should be sent by email to David Faldon or by commenting on this blog post.

There will be four rounds of games and everyone will play in each round. We plan to start at 11.00 and finish around 18.00. If anyone has any questions please ask before play starts.

Monday, 19 February 2018

February 2018 meeting will be on 24.02.2018

There will be a Saturday meeting of the London Shogi Club on 24.02.2018. There should be someone around from 11.30am until at least 2pm at Caffe Nero, 10 Bedford Street, London WC2E 7HE.

Everyone is very welcome, regardless of strength or experience.

The nearest rail station is Charing Cross. Embankment, Covent Garden and Leicester Square underground stations are close, but it's best to check which lines are running with Transport for London.

If you want to confirm attendance or have a question, feel free to let us know by
  • leaving a comment here (google+, wordpress, LJ or similar online ID required)
  • posting or commenting on the Shogi London facebook page; or
  • sending an email.