Wednesday, 8 November 2017

British Shogi Championship 18.11.2017 reminder

Just a reminder that the 2017 British Shogi Championships will be held in Chingford, London. The tournament will be held on Saturday 18th November.

Entry and venue details can be found here and we would also point out that
- there is no entry fee
- there is no cash prize
- anybody can enter
- the tournament will identify a British Closed Champion (who will need to be a UK citizen) and a British Open Champion (if the highest placed player is not from the UK)

We think it would be nice if players could get together for a meal out after the event.
The nearest restaurant is Prezzo, which serves pizza, pasta etc. There are also other restaurants in Chingford on the way to the railway station.
If you are interested in going out for dinner after the tournament, let Shogi London know, including if you have any particular dietary requirements.

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