Thursday, 22 October 2015

2015 British Open Shogi Championships

The 2015 British Open Shogi Championships will be held in Hampstead, London over the weekend of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November.

The venue is the Henderson Court Day Centre, 102 Fitzjohn's Avenue, London NW3 6NS. The nearest tube station is Hampstead (a few stops north of Euston on the Northern line).

Entries should be sent by email to David Faldon.

There will be an entry fee of £15 payable on the Saturday before play starts. There will be no cash prizes, but there will be a trophy for the British Open Shogi Champion and hopefully other goodies.

The first game will begin at 11 am on Saturday 7th. We plan to finish by 6 pm on the first day. There will be six rounds, three or four on Saturday (depending on what time round 3 finishes) with the other two or three on Sunday, and everybody will play in each round. On Sunday we will start at 10.30 am to allow time for a playoff (if necessary) and for a quickplay tournament (if possible). 

Each player will have a basic 25 minutes on their clock. Once a player has used up their 25 minutes, each further move must then be played within 40 seconds. If anyone is unfamiliar with this system please ask before play starts.

It is possible that some or all of our games will be held in the same room as a chess tournament, and if so, the clocks for these games will be set to silent operation so players will need to watch their clock. As usual, an illegal move loses.

Note for regular players - please bring a byo-yomi clock if you have one.

All of the games will be graded by FESA (the European Shogi Federation).

Lunch will not be provided at the venue but there are many food outlets nearby, including a supermarket. For a map and transport/parking details see the following link:

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